Miles Graves Company

Artist Services

As an active Artist Empowerment Firm, we want to help all artists become proactive in their career. Our services are here to help you prepare to maximize your music’s income potential and sustain a career. Browse our services to see where we can help you succeed.


Artist Empowerment Consultation

We believe that every artist should be given full transparency into the industry, and be empowered to make the best decisions for them. We also understand that every artist is unique and so are their career goals. Consult 1-on-1 with one of our Artist Service Agents to evaluate the successes & opportunities in your current career and plan your next move with confidence & clarity knowing you’ve got us in your corner.

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Whether you just need help finishing a song or need a whole new one written for you, our team of writers are here to work with you to turn that catchy hook, or that unfinished piece into a complete song.


Executive Production

Not finding that “sound” you’re looking for? Our producers will help realize your vision, through sound design, vibe curation, & arrangement. And the best part: You own 100% of the final product.



Connect with one our studios and a dedicated recording engineer to Lay down your performance or group of songs on master recording(s) for you to own, license, sell, and distribute for the rest of time.

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Make your music stand out with professional audio engineering, editing, mixing and mastering. We offer all edits, mix versions mastering formats to meet industry standards.

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Using listener analytics, social media targeting, and cutting-edge techniques, we’ll give your biggest fans what the love (more of you!!), and introduce your music and brand to new listeners across the globe.



We’ll set you up for success with a personalized distribution system to your songs on all major streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube, & Apple Music & offer physical CD duplication for retail/shows.

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We'll submit your music for placements in TV, Film, Advertising, and more to help you generate bigger sync royalty payouts and keep track of your royalty splits so you can focus on what’s important: being an artist!

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Not sure where to start for booking more good, paying live gigs or selling more features? Apply to become a booking client for The Miles Graves Company. We’ll be right by your side to help negotiate fair rates for your time and talents.

We’ve partnered with a one-of-a-kind media production company, Gage Reagan Productions, to offer videos and photos to pair with your new release, highlight your latest live performance, promote your unique merchandise line and so much more. Visit to schedule your next project today!