The World's First Active Artist Empowerment Firm

The World’s First Active

Artist Empowerment Firm

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Music is Not Always Easy.

We know you work hard, putting in countless hours to create songs making an impression that lasts forever. The Miles Graves Company wants to help you feel empowered to make music your career. 

Whether you're an experienced musician & entrepreneur, or a brand new artist looking to learn more about the industry and ways to capitalize from your art. We're here to provide transparency into the "business", to give you all the tools you need to make every deal a good deal. 

Be confident knowing you sound, look, and feel your best with our exceptional services. From Production & Recording, to Photoshoots & Videos, we're here to bring clarity to your vision.


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Our Artists

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Amanda Yang

When she uploaded her first YouTube video in 2011 all Amanda Yang wanted was to connect with others. Now with over 32,000 YouTube subscribers following her original music and acoustic covers, the Indie-Pop, R&B inspired singer/songwriter has gone on to open a show for MAX and has reached over 33,000,000 streams on Spotify.

Are you interested in working with Amanda to bring your new song to the next level? Reach out at to inquire about featuring her on your next project.