Before you submit your music…

Before submitting a song for publishing deals through The Miles Graves Company, follow the instructions below to help make sure the review process is as streamlined as possible so we can promptly respond to you to move forward or decline the submission.


  1. Have the following formats of each song included in a Publishing submission:

    • Full Song (.wav file)

    • MP3 Reference

    • Instrumental (.wav file)

    • Clean (if applicable) (.wav file)

  2. Scan a copy of a songwriter split sheet for the song being submitted.


  1. Put all items in a folder and label it “Artist Name - Song Name Submission”.

  2. Compress the folder into a .zip folder.


  1. Visit our Submit Your Music Page and fill out the form.

  2. Upload the .zip file.

  3. Wait for an email from our review team. Good luck! :)